The essential principles you need to become a better guitar player -
in any style, at any level!

GUITAR WISDOM is a new series of lessons, coming soon, created and taught by BEN SHERMAN,
a world-class guitarist with over 30 years teaching and performing experience.

GUITAR WISDOM answers all the guitar questions you need to know but were never told!

Ben's mission is to bring you guitar instruction that gets down to the essentials of what you absolutely must know, and why.

Ben has been studying, performing and teaching guitar for over 30 years. Blues, rock, shred, jazz, and classical -
Ben has literally mastered them all, and he's going to pass his knowledge on to you.

With GUITAR WISDOM, you'll never get stuck in the academic doldrums -
every concept has an immediate practical application. Ben knows you are here to play.

You never have to worry about the lessons being too advanced for you, or not advanced enough -
these lessons are designed to be accessible to beginners, yet expandable to challenge even the most advanced player.

The GUITAR WISDOM website will be your source for Ben's books, DVD's, downloadable video lessons and blogs,
as well as concert and seminar tour information.

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